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Canada saw a 250% increase in foreign students from India

Based on preliminary data 2010, the number of foreign students who have come to Canada since 2005 has increased by more than 40 percent, with a total of 96,147 students last year. There has been a significant increase in students from India. Students coming to study from India has increased by more than three times in just two years, from 3250 in 2008 to 11,530 in 2010.

This success of students coming to Canada from India can be attributed in part to the Associated Students Program launched in 2009. A collaboration between the Canadian visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, the program aims to increase the rate of approval of applications for study permits involving Canadian Universities while ensuring high rates compliance with visa regulations. The processing times in the program are quite quick, with an average of about two and a half weeks.

The Government of Canada has also helped Canadian Educational Institutions get a competitive advantage in attracting international students. Recent initiatives include online services application, the Permit Program Post-Graduation Work Permit Program and the Working Off Campus Work Permit. Since 2008, Canada has offered a path to permanent residency for international students through the Canadian Experience Class.

International students contribute over $ 6.5 Billion to the Canadian economy each year.


Document Checklist for Getting a Canada Study Permit

For students wanting to study in Canada, it is required that you fill out  the following items:

1) Application for Study Permit Made Outside of Canada (IMM1294)

NOTE If this application is made electronically, place the barcode page (page 5 of 5) on the top of each individual application package)

2) Family Information (IMM 5645)

3) Application for a Temporary Resident Visa  Made Outside Canada   (IMM 5257) (Schedule 1) if applicable

4) Statuary Document of Common Law Union (IMM 5409) if applicable

5) Custodianship Declaration (IMM 5646) if applicable

6) Use of Representative  (IMM 5476) if applicable

7) Proof of financial support for the duration of your stay in Canada

8 ) Letter of acceptance from the education institution, where you are to study

9) Certificat  d’acceptation du Quebec, if applicable

10) Fee of $125 per person (contact Visa office in your area)

11) Two Photos,  meeting requirements of Appendix B, with name and date on back

12) Passport (if you require a Temporary Resident Visa)

12A) Photocopy of information page of passport, if you do not require a TRV


To order a complete guide with all the necessary information for getting your Canada Study Permit , visit


Requirements Needed to Study In Canada

Most visitors wanting to study in Canada must obtain a Study Permit. Every year more then 90 000 individuals come to Canada to study at one of our fine institutions.

Here is a quick list of requirements needed:

1) You must be accepted by a recognized school, college or university in Canada.

2) You must have funds to get this permit, and prove you have funds to pay your tuition, return transportation and living expenses for you and your family.

3) You must not have any criminal record and not a Security Risk to Canada. You should also provide a police report about your personal record.

4)  A medical exam may be required depending on which country you are from.

5) When completing your studies, you must satisfy Canada Immigration Officers that you will leave Canada once your studies are complete.

6) The cost of this application is $125 Canadian (Study Permit Outside Canada IMM 1294) For Countries that require a Temporary Resident Visa, this will be included in your application.


The above is a general guideline for coming to study in our country.  We strongly suggest you either do research at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) or download a step by step guide from





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